Stuffing Forks - Mini

Mini Stuffing Forks

     Stuffing Forks have become a staple in the clothdoll industry. Our tool allows you to get small bits of stuffing into thse hard to get to places and gives your project a professional look.

     Getting stuffing where you want it and having it look great is what this tool is all about. With just a little practice you will be like a pro!

     Take a small amount of stuffing and push the unique notched end of our tool into it. Turn the tool in one continuous direction until the stuffing has taken on the look of a long skinny Q-tip. Glide the tool up into the finger of your doll and then back the tool out by holding onto the finger gently. Your finger will now be stuffed all the way up to the top and will have a uniform thickness. For larger areas like noses or small limbs take up larger bits of stuffing and use the same method. You will begin to learn to gauge how much stuffing to wind on according to your project size in to time. When stuffing main areas of your doll or bear do not wind the stuffing on but rather push the stuffing into the limb or body cavity. The notched end will grab the stuffing and help the stuffing go into the desired area easily.



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